Style: New Chinese style bathroom cabinet customization
    Material: MDF, PVC
    Basin cabinet size: W1530*H560*D560mm
    Design concept: The inspiration comes from the Guilin landscape poems described by the Chinese Tang Dynasty poet Han Yu. The beauty of the picturesque reflection of the river and mountains is captured by modern design techniques. The soft emotional rendering is integrated into the design concept, forming a mirror shape, conveying the artistic conception of the Lijiang River in Guilin. With oriental symmetrical design aesthetics, fashion and classical fusion are combined to create a bathroom space full of Chinese atmosphere.


    Custom bathroom vanity features:
    1. Product design: The combination of metal decorative laminates and hill ornaments constitutes a peaceful Chinese landscape picture, which perfectly combines practicality and appearance;
    2. Structural layout: The cabinet has a symmetrical structure. The cabinet is a hanging type for easy cleaning and maintenance, and is supported by metal feet;
    3. Function/Humanization: Metal decorative laminate rack, which can place beauty tools, skin care products, etc. Hill baffle, both decorative and prevent items from falling. Smart vanity mirror, flexible touch.