Style: New Chinese style custom bathroom vanity
    Material: Particleboard, Melamine
    Basin cabinet size: W1070*H480*D560
    Design concept: The design inspiration comes from “Begonia flower”. The mirror is in the shape of petals. The door panel is in the silhouette color of Jiangnan downtown, and the square and round handles embellish the door panel.


    Bathroom cabinet Features:
    1. Product design: The bathroom vanity integrates art into life;
    2. Color matching: matte black slate + ink cloth door panel;
    3. Structural layout: double drawer storage, side cabinet storage, wash basin dry and wet separation;
    4. Function/Humanization: Through the selection of low-carbon, healthy and environmentally friendly materials, and professional customization, the quality of life attitude can be improved and people’s pursuit of ideal life can be satisfied.