Name: NIER

    Style: Neoclassical

    Material: Lacquer

    Basin cabinet size: W2000*H400*D525mm


    Design concept

    Bathroom cabinet – NIER is inspired by the representative of 19th century neoclassical – Ingres. Lines are used as design inspiration on the countertops and mirrors, and the overly complicated shapes are abandoned. The overall use of black + bronze metal collision defines the neoclassical charm.



    Structural layout

    The layout design of the double basin and the sub-mother mirror makes it no longer cramped for two people to use it at the same time. The design is not only a fashion concept, but also an ideal assistant for you to create an elegant life.

    Material characteristics

    Lacquer material has excellent sliding, moisture resistance and wear resistance, which brings convenience to the home life of modern people.


    Color matching

    The black cabinet is designed into a concave and convex square, giving the space visual tension and declaring a more elegant way of life. Bronze elements are used for decoration, and the coordinated and varied color elements are interestingly “collision” with each other in the space.


    Function / Humanization

    The countertop adopts a circular arc design, which can increase the beauty and avoid injuries caused by bumps. The mother-child mirror has the functions of displaying date, time, weather, indoor temperature, etc., which brings more convenience to life.