Door panel color: PWMK7021, PWMK7004
    Countertop Color: PWTE0031
    Style positioning: Modern minimalist
    Design concept: Titan is inspired by the oil paintings of Italian painter Titian Vecellio, the father of Western oil painting. The style of his work is bright and warm. The kitchen cabinet Titan uses the calm and atmospheric red and pure white to reproduce the vitality and warm romance of Titian’s works. As an embellishment, the golden open cabinet is added just right, giving the product a sense of elegance and elegance.

    Door panel: the characteristic powder-sprayed door type of the kitchen cabinet, the red and gold contrasting colors show the classic;
    Details: The back panel of the kitchen cabinet is painted with vertical strips and the side-mounted light strips are noble and exquisite;
    Foot: The foot board is full of light and atmosphere;