Door color: Melamine: PWMA0353, PWMA0354
    Countertop: PWTE0049
    Style positioning: Modern style
    Design concept: The new custom kitchen cupboard Medellin is derived from MyDarling, while expressing the romantic art lifestyle. Breaking through the conventional layout, Medellin combines the kitchen and dining space more closely and reasonably, and with the handle lighting embellishment, it is more in line with the romantic lifestyle of young people.

    1. Layout: Medellin breaks the conventional layout – kitchen and dining. This makes the space combination more tight and reasonable;
    2. Handle: The new K04 button handle with light makes the visual effect more impactful;
    3. Color matching: The overall color of the cabinet is calm and advanced. Brown pine wood texture and gray triangular geometric texture door panels enhance the temperature of the space and reflect an unrestrained attitude. The lighting lines of the base cabinet create a sense of romantic atmosphere.
    4. Door panel: The cabinet door panel uses advanced rubbing effect, which has a more solid wood texture;
    5. Edgebanding: Features pearlescent finish edgebanding with great detailing.