Style: Light luxury bathroom vanity
    Material: MDF, PVC
    Basin cabinet size: W890**H400*D560
    This bathroom cabinet is a derivative of Dewroma. The design inspiration and product material of the bathroom cabinet are similar to Dewroma, the main difference is the size. This bathroom cabinet is simpler and still has powerful storage functions, including the large capacity of the cabinet and the storage function on the side, which is very suitable for smaller bathrooms.


    Bathroom Cabinet Features:
    1. Product design: natural, rustic, artistic, quiet and comfortable;
    2. Color matching: Black slate + White art texture + Silver brushed texture door panel
    3. Structural layout: Bathroom vanity structure geometric shape and color art texture collocation,
    4. Function/Humanization: The dry and wet partition of the slate, the fashionable and classic countertop basin design, the oversized storage cabinet, meet the storage space of the bathroom.