Style: light luxury
    Material: Lacquer
    Basin cabinet size: W2828*H2350*D600
    Design description: The bathroom cabinet uses modern and capable lines to highlight the atmosphere. Fashionable and youthful colors. In the cool blue theme, the frame and shape are contrasted with gold-plated metal. The flowers chosen for the decorative back panel represent current trends. The collision of materials and tones are unified in the light luxury style of the overall layout.




    Bathroom Vanity Features:
    1. To achieve an elegant and modern look, we used innovative and delicate embossed lacquer door panel materials and 3D printed flower patterns on the back panel;
    2. The design of storage space and double basins ensures the functionality of the product and enhances the high-end image of the product;
    3. The design of the large-size micro-smart mirror provides users with more ample personal care space.