This series of customized bathroom cabinets from OPPEIN gives more imagination to the word “not complicated is extraordinary”. The sea blue color scheme creates a high-end mysterious atmosphere under the contrast of the light. It perfectly interprets the design concept of “Less is more”. The blue bathroom cabinet door is matched with the gray-white textured slate integrated basin, which makes the bathroom immediately have a sense of hierarchy. Now contact OPPEIN expert bathroom cabinet team, we will also customize different colors, styles and materials for your bathroom cabinets according to your preferences.

    1. The bathroom vanity is light, luxurious and simple, practical and durable;
    2. There is a storage cabinet on the bathroom cabinet and a drawer below it, which is highly accommodating;
    3. This bathroom cabinet uses a slate integrated basin, which deepens the gallbladder, increases the capacity, and prevents overflow;



    The bathroom cabinet is equipped with a square smart mirror, one-button touch switch, and enjoys a refined life.
    1. With three-color dimming function, it can meet various lighting needs.
    2. One-click to remove fog, the mirror surface is quickly restored to be clear and clean, saving the trouble of wiping.
    3. The intelligent control of electrical appliances delays the shutdown, and the electrical appliances are automatically turned off after use, which is safe and convenient.
    4. Intelligently display real-time weather conditions, temperature and humidity, so there is no need to worry about embarrassing situations such as forgetting to bring an umbrella when going out or wearing too little in winter.