Door color: Veneer: PWMM4010, PWMM3067

    Countertop: PWTE0005

    Style positioning: Modern light luxury

    Design concept

    Rodin’s theme is simple and friendly, natural stretch, and far away from the hustle and bustle. The kitchen cabinets are made of brass handles, white shadow wood and dark vertical walnut, and a round bar with veneer parquet. The whole is elegant and natural.


    grille solid wood & veneer, 3D three-dimensional, making it more natural and beautiful;

    Finish & Handle

    Pearl wood finish with OPPEIN logo handle, showing high-end fashion;

    Bar counter

    The veneer parquet counter makes the kitchen cabinets well-proportioned;


    The new long handle shows the nice texture;

    High cabinet

    The row of crystal high cabinets is exquisite and delicate.