Product InformationCode: PLCC23020Specification: L5250mmDoor panel process: YMN082 YMN083Door panel material:PWWK0194 PWWL0400Glass door/woven door:YML040ACabinet: PWGA0045Countertop: PWTE0005Trim parts: YSZ120Hardware parts: PWNB0034A PBQY0153A PWNCO136 PBZP0139Product design:People who like nostalgia generally cannot refuse the beauty of medieval furniture. From the solid wood door panel material to the detailed design of the table corner cutting process, the new cabinet Vio reveals the retro art of the age, advocating a life attitude towards the precipitation and renewal of beautiful things.Color matchThe warm-colored veneer has its own retro charm, giving the space a sense of age. The glass of the base unit and the luxurious stone back of the tall unit create a harmonious blend of classic and freshness.Structure layoutThis custom wood veneer kitchen cabinet is a classic I-shaped kitchen cabinet layout with an island. The left and right symmetrical design shows a solemn atmosphere. The glass of the base cabinet and the metal laminate of the high cabinet increase the transparency of the space.Material propertiesRare natural veneer. After years of refining, it adds a bit of elegance. The large area of transparent quartz stone stretches the charming natural texture under the light.Humanized functionThe island table lifting hood is designed to create a simple and intelligent kitchen. The hidden refrigerator and hidden storage design make the overall vision more tidy. The enclosed operating table and table moving line design realize the freedom of light meal cooking and drink bar space. This kitchen cabinet meets the high-end display kitchen scene of various lifestyles, and people can enjoy the ultimate life experience of retro luxury at home.