Modern Grey Affordable Kitchen Cabinets Design – SOMMAROY


Product Information
Code: PLCC23028
Specification: L4270*W2805mm
Door panel process: YMP053
Door panel material:PWMP2033 PWMP2032
Glass door/woven door:YML043B
Cabinet: PWGA0046
Countertop: PWTY1048
Hardware parts: PWNSO048B PWNC0069 PWNC0068 PWNCO067 PWNCO039A
Product design: The simple line design of the kitchen cabinet is clean and neat, and the technical texture PET door panel is matched with linear lighting. The phantom is faintly hidden and retractable freely, creating a quiet, calm, wise and low-key kitchen space.



Color match
This custom kitchen cabinet is accented in neutral gray tones. The dark gray flashing silver PET is in harmony with the coffee color of the high cabinet. Under the light, the color has depth and shade, and the texture is extraordinary.
Structure layout

The L-shaped layout of the kitchen cabinet can extend the dining table, which is more in line with the daily operation of the family. The moving line is smooth and concise, and the volume is moderate.

Material properties
PET material is environmentally friendly and sustainable. The texture effect of lacquer imitates the touch, and the color changes with the light and shadow, which is fashionable and unique.

Humanized function
Combined with the ergonomic design of the new half-height handle design, it is easier to open the door of the high cabinet. The door panels of the base cabinets are embedded with vent holes and buckle handles, which are both beautiful and exquisite and functional. Built-in appliances blend into the cabinetry. High cabinet with double refrigerators, large storage and storage, which is convenient, practical and space-saving. The combination of glass cabinets + lighted panels and wall cabinets enhances the storage function and display effect, bringing homeowners a simple, stylish and detailed new fashionist kitchen.


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