Modern Grey and Clay Red Custom Bedroom Wardrobe


Bringing Nature Indoors:

Experience the essence of nature in your bedroom with a modern custom wardrobe that captures the organic shapes and hues of the natural world.

This design allows you to feel the closeness of nature’s flora and fauna through intricate patterns and textures.


Sophisticated Finishes:

The custom bedroom wardrobe’s first finish features a unique metal film UV lacquer that offers a satin texture in diamond gray, resembling the color of natural minerals.

This finish is practical too, resisting fingerprints and grease while providing a soft metallic sheen.

A second finish is a warm Clay Red, evoking the richness of earthy tones and creating an inviting atmosphere in your space.

The third finish emulates the enchanting Milky Way, with a color inspired by the night sky’s stars and a texture that mirrors the moon’s surface,fueling the imagination.


Design and Functionality:

To complement the natural aesthetic, the custom bedroom wardrobe is designed with a built-in dressing cabinet, neatly organized with horizontal and vertical divisions for visual balance.

The wardrobe incorporates closed doors, glass doors, and open shelving, cleverly designed to offer both separation and continuity in storage options.

This handleless hinged custom bedroom wardrobe is not just a piece of furniture; it’s a statement of modern design that harmonizes with nature’s beauty,promising both elegance and practicality.

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