European Style White Hinged Wardrobe for Sale – BLANCA

Style: European Minimalism Door Finish: PVC/ Melamine

OPPEIN new custom wardrobe debut – Blanca series. The fitted wardrobe design is inspired by the famous love movie “Casablanca”. The product is mainly white, combined with the three-dimensional texture of the meteor, and is decorated with gold to restore the romantic exotic love story on the Atlantic coast.



The handle “Bridge” is a Red Dot Award-winning design, with simple lines and a bridge concept to connect and customize. The three-dimensional blister process incorporates the two-toned meteor texture into the board. The wavy door panel is subtracted on the basis of the European design language, and the cabinet door is milled with a simple line decoration, and the overall three-dimensional coordination of the space.


The living room is arranged in irregular lines, making the shooting stars within easy reach. The three-dimensional blister process and the Renolit film imported from Germany are used to make the texture delicate and delicate.


The restaurant uses diamond-shaped gold lines to break through the limitations of the plane, and it is more luxurious under the warm light; the wavy door panel of the sideboard is more flexible and embellished in the flat and straight space.




The hinged wardrobe in the bedroom adopts the handle “Bridge”. White wardrobe’s combination of simple lines, sloping edges and concave-convex texture on the front reproduces the rationalist architectural design. The metal rack and the back of the golden rhombus wood grain complement each other, highlighting the light and luxurious style.


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