Fitted Wardrobes in Blue and Wood Tone Finish – EASTERN GRACE

Style: Classic
Door Finish: Wood Veneer/Leather/Lacquer
Chinese-style wardrobe Eastern Grace adheres to the design spirit of connecting ancient and modern, and uses modern design techniques to radiate the tranquility and elegance of Chinese-style homes. This gives the new Chinese-style home more confidence and affirmation of traditional culture. This wardrobe draws design inspiration from South China architecture and traditional gardens and furniture.





The design of the bedroom integrates the art of the screen into it to create a more warm and quiet bedroom atmosphere. The color of the door panel is elegant, and the texture of the parapet is simple. The combination of the two is like a halo of brush and ink on rice paper, the perfect unity of dynamic and static.





The traditional Chinese symmetrical vision is matched with the eclectic Begonia decorative pieces to extract the space atmosphere of the oriental artistic conception. The three-dimensional design of the door panel of the low cabinet integrates the elegant new Chinese cultural atmosphere, which is poetic and far-reaching.




The wardrobe door shape draws on the gable element. Traditional handcrafted solid wood craftsmanship with elegant palace-tone paint accentuates sophistication. The Custom wardrobe design uses Chinese aesthetics and structural treatment to highlight the unique expression of the East.





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