Modern Light Grey Double Bathroom Vanity with Sink – PLWY23004


Style: Minimalist    Size: W=1200mm

Bathroom cabinet design: This new bathroom cabinet emphasizes the integrity of the shape. The black and white tone of the countertop and the cabinet is embellished with the gray handle, which collides with a perfect visual effect and shows a light and luxurious style.



Color matching: light-colored door panels and dark-colored rock slab countertops complement each other, stimulating a deeper potential charm.

Structural layout: The designer fully considers the practicality of the space. The classic cabinet layout with double drawers and an open central storage area can meet both private storage and daily quick retrieval needs.


Material characteristics: The rock slabs on the countertop are made by splicing handcraft. Clear outline and strong three-dimensional sense. The cabinet body is combined with board and wood, which brings greater appearance changes to cater to contemporary aesthetics.


Function/Humanization: The semi-open layout emphasizes the practicality of the storage space. The functional division is reasonable, and the ceramic seamless basin is easy to take care of and does not hide dirt. The intelligent lighting sensor system cooperates with soft and sufficient lighting for visual enjoyment. The whole space is clean and tidy, perfectly in line with modern people’s pursuit of quality life.


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