Modern Small Bathroom Design Green Bathroom Vanity – PLWY23031


Style: modern style    Door material: Melamine    Size: W=1200mm

Bathroom Cabinet Design: Life comes from nature. The collision between the natural wood grain and the irregular cloth texture of this new bathroom cabinet contains a natural atmosphere.


Color matching: White and dark green fine cloth patterns blend with each other, creating a comfortable and natural atmosphere for the bathroom.

Structural layout: The cabinet body adopts a minimalist double-drawing layout, plus scattered hanging cabinets. The overall bathroom cabinet is compact and practical.


Material characteristics: The whole body is white rock slab, which is minimalist and has a strong sense of transparency. The door panel is matched with cloth-like steel plate, which is soft and atmospheric. At the same time, it is decorated with brown copper hardware. The combination of the two brings out the best in each other.


Function/Humanization: The exterior of the bathroom cabinet is combined with the design of the hanging cabinet, which is design-oriented and practical at the same time. The round sanding mirror and double-drawn strong storage enrich the aesthetic effect. The large-scale customized form perfectly satisfies the life of modern urbanites for modern and fashionable bathroom products.


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