Modern Light Grey Textured Wardrobe for Bedroom – STARTO

Style: Modern Door Finish: Melamine

The new product of the modern bedroom wardrobe – STARTO. Inspired by relief art, this series gives the door panel a three-dimensional texture. With the touch of your fingertips, art flows and redefines home aesthetics.



1. The bedroom adopts a new layout. Considering people’s living habits, combining the bedroom space with the study, STARTO cleverly uses cool-colored glass for semi-shielding, and the space for arc decorative pieces is excessive. The bedroom is not only a whole, but also divided into two spaces, which enriches the storage content of the bedroom space and refreshes the user’s eyes.




2. In addition to the use of cloth textured panels, we also added arc decorative pieces to cover the metallic glitter gray. With the blue-gray glass with a strong sense of technology, it neutralizes the plain color door panel siding, and the unique expression is more eye-catching. It fits the unique aesthetic of young people who are pursuing fashion today.
3. The minimalist metal foot design adds a sense of simplicity and fashion to the shape of the product.



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