Custom Modern Grey Bathroom Vanity for Sale – TITAN


Style: Italian minimalist
Material: PVC
Basin Cabinet: W970*H450*D560mm
Design concept: The bathroom cabinet TITAN adopts gray as the color of the door panel. “Gray matter” will be related to IQ and brain power, giving people a feeling of calm and unpredictable. The new blister door panel is cost-effective and has a delicate texture. The unique handle combined with the door design makes the bathroom more beautiful in lines, more flexible and lively.



Bathroom Cabinet Features:
1. Color matching: The gray door panel is matched with the brass-colored metal handle to complement each other. The details are ingenious under the warm color light bar mapping.
2. Structural layout: I-shaped layout, simple and practical, suitable for various bathroom spaces. With high flexibility and flexibility, it fully demonstrates the comfortable and elegant petty bourgeoisie life style pursued by contemporary people.
3. Material characteristics: PVC material is environmentally friendly and practical, with a unique texture.
4. Function/Humanization: The design of the metal shelf on the stage cleverly avoids the faucet. The new wall-mounted metal rack makes rational use of space, with rich and perfect functions. A shelf developed and designed for the faucet, the brass color further enhances the style of the product.


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