Modern Luxury Floating White Bathroom Vanity with Black Countertop – PLWY23021


Style: light luxury    Door material: Lacquer    Size: W=2000mm

Bathroom cabinet design: Flowering series not only has a youthful and dynamic design, but also outlines a high-end design with simple lines. Let people bid farewell to the hustle and bustle of the city, and create a relaxed and natural bathroom space;

Color matching: Unlike its name, the Flowering series will not wither and fall like natural plants, and it does not need to be replaced every spring. The paint of the main cabinet adopts delicate and soft skin-feeling paint. The color is elegant gray to enhance the visual impact of the space and endow the whole space with color.


Structural layout: The large rounded corners on both edges make the overall structure more prominent in curvature. The combination of the unique texture and smooth shape of the drawn surface makes the space enthusiastic and full of vitality.

Material characteristics: Lacquer material has excellent sliding properties, moisture resistance and wear resistance, which brings convenience to modern people’s home life.


Function/Humanization: The countertop is designed in a circular arc shape, which increases the aesthetics and avoids injuries caused by bumps. A soft light strip is designed under the countertop. There is no need to turn on the main light when getting up at night. Make people get rid of glare lights and improve sleep quality.


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