Modern Floating Grey Wood Veneer Bathroom Vanity



Sleek Design:This modern floating bathroom vanity boasts a minimalist yet majestic style. It features a countertop in a log-style gray technical wood veneer,

striking the perfect balance between practicality and high-end luxury. The wood veneer back panel behind the mirrors is accented with metal edging,

enhancing the product’s technological appeal and highlighting its premium texture.


Elegant Color Scheme:

– The light-colored countertop is paired with a light gray black pine straight-grain technical veneer, exuding a tranquil and elegant vibe.

– This color combination offers a “soothing incense” to the complexities of urban life, providing a rare sense of calm and tranquility for the busy modern individual.


Functional Layout:

The modern floating bathroom vanity features an integrated basin with a concealed drain, boasting a generous 1400mm width for a simple, elegant, and practical design.

Quality Materials:

Crafted from high-end, fine straight-grained veneer, the material preserves the natural color of the wood,

infusing a warm, comfortable natural atmosphere into your bathroom.


User-Friendly Features:

– The expansive basin supports a double-mirror layout, allowing ample space for two people to use it comfortably at the same time.

– Aluminum-framed glass doors ensure a clear and natural design while maintaining an organized and clutter-free storage space.

This modern floating wood veneer bathroom vanity is a testament to contemporary design, merging natural warmth with modern functionality to enhance the daily rituals of self-care.


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