Modern Black and Red Custom Wardrobe for Sale – TITAN

Style: Industrial Style

OPPEIN custom wardrobe new product in 2022 – Titian series. This series is a commemorative work for Titian, the father of Western oil painting. It reconstructs the façade space with the contrasting colors of red and black, pays tribute to minimalism with a new lamination process, and creates a new vision of modern home furnishing. The whole set of wardrobe products are made of pearlescent metal texture PVC film, imported from Spain through Babelan equipment, so that the four sides are covered three-dimensionally, and the door panels are angular.


The black door panel in the living room creates an atmospheric and calm space atmosphere, the lines are neat and concise, and the sense of light luxury blows;






The black door panel of the wardrobe, with pearlescent metal texture, is like a mysterious black galaxy. The dots of pearls are like bright stars, and the sense of luxury is blowing. The retro red door panel is like a rose nebula to light up the quiet night. In the opposition and combination of red and black, it releases a unique tension of light luxury. The hinged wardrobe in the bedroom space is 2.7m from one door to the top, and the storage space is greatly improved. The bedroom background wall and wardrobe are integrated and customized to make the home more stylized.


The open design of the study space makes the space more atmospheric, and the rational black tone creates a simple and quiet learning atmosphere.


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